russ-srRussell Knight Sr.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of introducing many people to the sport of turkey hunting; making a lot of friends along the way.  My fondest memories are those spent watching my son grow from a little boy that was fascinated with turkey hunting to a grown man that has mastered the art. I have had a lot of encounters and have learned many lessons over the years in the turkey woods. I have experienced and have also seen first-hand some of the obstacles we hunters face in those critical moments during set up, trying to stay motionless and in the ready position for long periods of time.  It was those difficulties that spawned the inspiration to develop a product that would solve these problems and give the hunter a big advantage in the process. After several years of working diligently and with vigorous field testing, we are proud to present the Hands Free Hunting Vest.

russRussell Knight

I grew up hunting with my Dad and developed a strong passion for hunting at an early age. I had no idea then that it would lead to a career. Currently, I work as a field producer & videographer for major hunting and fishing television productions and as a Pro Staffer for Knight & Hale Game Calls. I have enjoyed the opportunity to travel from Montana for elk hunting to Florida for deep sea fishing and many places in between and the pleasure of meeting celebrated and talented hunters.

Among my fondest memories of hunting is the early morning beauty of the sights and sounds of the spring woods. My Dad & I would always film our own hunts as a hobby. We would later watch the film and talk about how to improve our hunting experience, particularly about improving the success of the hunt. Those discussions led to the development of the Hands Free Hunting Vest. After several years of field testing, we have perfected a very unique product. The Hands Free Hunting Vest provides a big advantage resulting in a more effective hunter.