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Gun Forearm Rest $29.99 – Temporarily Out of Stock


  • Eliminates gun fatigue!
  • Allows hunters to stay in ready position for longer periods of time!
  • Frees hands up to call while maintaining the ready position!
  • Gives hunters advantage!

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Hands Free Tactical Hunting Vest (vest w/ Gun Forearm Rest) $139.99 – Temporarily Out of Stock

The Hands Free Vest product consists of a hunting vest with a gun stock retainer made into the shoulder strap and a gun forearm rest that attaches to the knee.

The Hands Free vest is fully adjustable to fit most people. All the pockets are easy access and user friendly. The hands free vest can be used by a left or right-handed person by simply unsnapping the four buckles. It also has a specially designed wedged-shape seat for extra comfort.

While in the sitting position with the gun forearm rest attached to the knee, place the forearm of the gun in the gun forearm rest. The gunstock can then be placed in the gun stock retainer shoulder strap and secured with the pull strap that goes over the top of the gun stock.

The Hands Free vest holds the gun in the ready position freeing the hunter’s hands to call the game and multitask. It also eliminates gun fatigue that occurs from holding the gun still and propped on ones knee for prolonged periods of time. By holding the gun in the ready position with no effort, the hands free vest allows one to focus more on the hunt, thus giving the hunter a big advantage

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Hands Free Tactical Hunting Vest Elite Model (Elite vest w/ Gun Forearm Rest) $169.99 – Temporarily Out of Stock


New and improved Hands Free Hunting elite model vest

  • New Dual lanyards and D-rings for locator calls.
  • New Pocket configuration with extra zippered pockets.
  • New Additional 3 inches of adjustment in the side panels.
  • New Heavier gauge fabric.
  • New Shoulder strap pocket for diaphragm call.
  • New Improved Gun Forearm Rest.

*Free shipping only in the U.S.
*Additional charges may apply to international orders.